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Documents required for obtaining a Driving license in Bangalore, karnataka-Types of Driving licences issued in Bangalore, Karnataka,

 Documents required for obtaining a Driving license in Bangalore, Karnataka

The documents required to obtain a driving licence in Bangalore are:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Two passport size photo
  • A copy of the PAN card
  • A copy of the medical fitness certificate
  • A copy of the parent/guardian’s written consent with date and signature if the applicant is a minor
  • A copy of the address proof (Passport/Life insurance policy/Voter ID/Ration card)
  • A copy of the birth certificate (School certificate/Birth certificate/Affidavit signed by the executive magistrate)
  • Copy of a valid Learner’s Licence
  • Payment receipt confirming the fees paid,

Documents needed for applying for a Duplicate Driving licence

in case your DL is stolen, tampered with, or out of place, you can request for a duplicate riding licence to be issued to you. All you need to do is document the record of a First fact (FIR) with the police and go to the RTO with a copy of the FIR and different assisting documents like duly-stuffed LLD form, the broken card is to be had, identification evidence, cope with evidence, and the expenses for issuing duplicate DL. After a hit verification, a duplicate driving licence might be issued to you. The files required are:
  • Duly-filled utility shape
  • two passport length photo
  • a duplicate of the PAN card
  • copy of the FIR
  • broken DL
  • evidence of residence

Application form to renew a Driving licence in Bangalore

A permanent driving licence is normally legitimate for 20 years or till the applicant reaches 50 years of age, whichever is earlier. An applicant has to ideally apply for renewal 30 days earlier than the expiry date of the DL.

The applicant can either visit the worried RTO and observe for the renewal of DL or can download the renewal form from the Sarathi website. you could download the utility form for renewal of DL from the internet site, fill it as it should be, and publish it in person in the worried RTO. Upon verification of the documents, a renewed riding licence could be issued. Please note that fitness clearance certificates from an authorized medical practitioner pointing out that the candidate is fit to pressure may be required at the same time as making use of for renewal of licence.

Types of Driving licences issued in Bangalore, Karnataka

The types of driving licences issued in Bangalore are:
  • Learner’s Licence: before applying for the everlasting using Licence in Assam, an applicant has to get a learner’s Licence first. That is a transient Licence that has a validity of 6 months and is issued whilst the applicant is within the technique of studying a motor vehicle.
  • Permanent Licence: After 1 month of having a learner’s Licence (i.E. From the date of trouble), an applicant turns into eligible to use for an everlasting Licence.
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