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Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister of India


  • Name - Narendra Damodardas Modi
  • Position Held - Prime Minister of India
  • Preceded by - Manmohan Singh
  • Date of Birth - Sep 17, 1950
  • Place of Birth - Vadnagar, India
  • Qualifications - Master's degree in Political Science
  • Religion - Hinduism
  • Spouse name - Jashodaben Chimanlal
  • Assumed office - May 26, 2014
  • Residence - 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi, India

About As Prime Minister of India

 The Prime Minister of India is the pinnacle of the government department of the Government of India. His role is wonderful from that of the President of India, who's the pinnacle of the State. As India follows a parliamentary device of a presidency modeled after the Westminster device, a maximum of the government powers are exercised with the aid of using the Prime Minister. He acts as a consultant to the President and is the chief of the Council of Ministers. The President appoints the Prime Minister of India and on his advice, appoints the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister may be a member of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Leader of the Cabinet:

The Prime Minister summons and presides over conferences of the cupboard and determines what enterprise will be transacted in those conferences.

The link between the Parliament and the Cabinet:

The Prime Minister is likewise the hyperlink among the cupboard and the Parliament. He is the leading spokesperson of the authorities withinside the Parliament, in conjunction with the chief of the birthday celebration in the majority withinside the Lok Sabha. It is his obligation to announce essential coverage decisions. The Prime Minister also can interfere in debates of fashionable significance withinside the Parliament to make clear the authorities' stand or coverage.

Official Representative:

The Prime Minister represents India in diverse delegations, high-degree conferences and worldwide corporations and additionally addresses the country on diverse activities of countrywide importance.

Powers/Authorities of Prime Minister

The various powers and authorities enjoyed by the Prime Minister are as follows:

Head of the Government:

The Prime Minister of India is the pinnacle of the Government. Though the President is the pinnacle of the State, a maximum of the government choices are taken with the aid of using the Prime Minister. All the essential decision-making our bodies in India, just like the Union Cabinet and the Planning Commission, run beneath neath his supervision.

Leader of the Council of Ministers:

As some distance, because the Prime Minister`s relation to the Council of Ministers is concerned, his role is that of “First amongst Equals”. In the case of the demise or resignation of the Prime Minister, the complete Council of Ministers has to resign. The ministers without delay file to the Prime Minister. He also can dispose of a minister with the aid of using soliciting for his resignation or having him disregarded with the aid of using the President. If any distinction of opinion arises between the Prime Minister and another minister, the opinion of the Prime Minister prevails.

Leader of the Parliament:

The Prime Minister is the Leader of the House to which he belongs. He also can participate in debates withinside the House of which he isn't a member. He also can recommend the President to dissolve the Lok Sabha.

Representative of the Country:

In global affairs, he's the spokesperson of the country. The Prime Minister performs a first-rate position in directing India`s overseas policy.

Facilities offered to Prime Minister

Some of the facilities furnished to the Indian Prime Minister are:
  • Official residence: 7, Race Course Road or “Panchavati”
  • Personal workforce Special Protection Group (SPG) who's answerable for its security
  • Prime Ministerial car (presently BMW 750i)
  • Exclusive aircraft (Air India One)

Selection Process of Prime Minister

The Constitution states that the President of India must hire the chief of the birthday celebration or alliance that is in majority withinside the Lok Sabha because the Prime Minister of India. In case no birthday celebration or alliance enjoys a majority, the President appoints the chief of the biggest birthday celebration or alliance because the Prime Minister. But he has to win the self-assurance vote withinside the Lower House of the Parliament as early as possible. A member of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha may be appointed because the Prime Minister. If he isn't a member of both House of the Parliament then he must be elected to both House within six months of his appointment. As the Prime Minister, he's the Leader of the House of which he's a member.

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